Something Fragile

A poetic puzzle game for PC & Mac, designed to be both challenging and inspiring.


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Something Fragile is a stop motion puzzle game for PC , Mac, & Linux designed to be both challenging and inspiring. All game assets are created with physical media.

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In Something Fragile, you are a creature created for the sole purpose of protecting the heart that you were given. As this creature, you must progress through the levels and overcome the puzzles in order to carry the heart past the obstacles and through the environmental threats.The challenge of the game is to keep the heart safe throughout all of the puzzles, which will require the heart to be placed in harm’s way in order to get it through each level safely. The moment the heart is placed on the ground, it is immediately vulnerable to the environment, and similarly, the moment the creature gets too far away from the heart, both it and the heart perish.

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Everyone on the Happy Badger Studio team feels very strongly that games can be as artistic and emotional of an experience as any artistic medium, so for the Global Game Jam 2013, this is exactly what we sought to create. The idea behind Something Fragile is that you are this creature fighting through challenges and overcoming obstacles to protect a heart that does not belong to you — this represents the challenges we face every day with love and relationships.

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Our whole team was able to come to a solid understanding that this allegory is what the game should communicate, so we are all very excited about creating a poetic experience to bring you closer to your own concept of what love is, what love can be, and what love should be.

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